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With over 15 years of speaking and advocating for women & People of Color, Carrie Sawyer works at the intersection of equity and design thinking. She’s spoken at corporations, nonprofits, and academic institutions, where her goal is to consistently inspire learning AND action.


Carrie is the founder and host of the Inclusion 1st™ Project, a platform for allies to ask their most important questions on antiracism and get judgement-free answers. The Project has collected over 600 questions on antiracism from people around the country! Carrie uses her design research background to translate her learnings into accessible insights she then shares with her audiences.


Carrie is a dynamic communicator, master manifestor, and design thinker dedicated to creating a more just world where we all can thrive.

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Talk Topics


Small Steps, Big Change

Antiracism in Your Everyday Life

We’re at a breaking point. One where racial inequity and social injustice have escalated to such a pitch that it feels like nothing can fix it and no one person can make any real difference. But what if one person can make a big difference by taking one, easy antiracist action every day? And what if the best person to take this action is you? Join veteran diversity, equity, and inclusion researcher and Founder of the Inclusion 1st™ Project to learn how you can build a simple, daily practice of antiracism.


In this session you’ll learn:

  • What is antiracism and why it must matter to you

  • What it means to be an ally and how to be a good one

  • One daily intention that builds a habit of inclusion

  • A simple framework that triggers antiracist action wherever you are

10 Things We Learned from 600 Questions on Antiracism

The Inclusion 1st™ Project:

People have a lot of questions about antiracism and even when we can find answers, how do we know that these are good answers that can easily be put into action? The short answer is: we don’t. That's why the Inclusion 1st™ Project studies the numerous and varied questions people have about antiracism - to make us better prepared to create modern, relevant, and comprehensive answers to the questions people care most about. Join diversity, equity, and inclusion researcher and Founder of the Inclusion 1st™ Project as she shares insights learned from creating a safe space for Q&A and the 5 antiracism topics 600 people asked most about.


In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why we need a safe space for Q&A

  • A simple approach that helps anyone talk about race (and learn to do it better)

  • 5 most asked about antiracism topics

  • How asking questions can make us better antiracists

How to Explain Racism...

In 3 Minutes or Less!

Racism. Uncomfortable to talk about, confusing, complex, and yet it’s a topic that we can no longer avoid if we want to bring about positive change in our world. Simply put, we have to learn to talk about it. But how do we talk about it in a way that’s easily understood and inspires us to action? (It’s time for more than just talk, after all). In this session, learn from veteran diversity, equity, and inclusion researcher and Founder of the Inclusion 1st™ Project exactly how to break racism down into its 3 component parts that make it easy to understand and explain to anyone.


In this session you’ll learn:

  • What is Racism and why is it so hard to talk about?

  • How do I know when something (or someone) is racist?

  • What are the 3 key components of racism that are easiest to understand and recognize?

  • How do I easily explain racism in a way that inspires positive action?

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Founder, Experts Together

Her obvious expertise and extensive preparation help her connect immediately with any audience; she balances both entertainment and education like a pro.

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President, AWIS San Diego 

Carrie was very comfortable communicating her thoughts in front of the virtual audience and spoke with an empathetic and supportive manner that was appreciated by all the participants.

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Angel Investor

There is a certain comfort when Carrie speaks. It comes from the ease of her delivery. She’s knowledgeable, relatable, personable, honest and eloquent.



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